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All of our products are listed alphabetically by category  on the ONLINE STORE store option and the Product Catalog....We appreciate your patience, while we develop and improve this site for your convenience!   Our Search capacity will also help locate all "Butters" or all "shampoos"  or all products with a specific ingredient, such as Lavender.

For your convenience we now accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS  credit cards..

If you need general information regarding a particular herb or botanical there are many online sources available.   This link offers very detailed data regarding most herbs.    If you're looking for particular herbal ingridients you can do a search on  "Lavender" as an example and the results will show ALL of our products containing Lavender.     All  ingridients are 100% natural, human grade and can be used for all animals, irrespective of the number of legs!


Dr James Duke worked with the USDA and other govenmental agencies for more than 30 years and his Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases is an impressive result of that effort.   Please visit it, and learn about the richness of herbs:

" Today I'm as busy as I ever was, working to save the Amazonian rain forest while trying to persuade anyone who will listen that hebal alternatives often work as well as or better than pharmaceuticals.   Join me in the Amazon, friends, and think green.   If we all give herbal medicines the chance they deserve, botanical medicine will spread like Kudzu and the world will be the better for it"   James A Duke, Ph.D

Dr. Duke's
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases


Herbal Materia Medica       


                                                      PRODUCT   LIST ~ Catagories

Anti Viral Spritz:   Loaded with hundreds of natural anti-bacterials, antiseptic, anti-viral & antifungal properties.  Great for car pooling, the office, air travel, home, office, kitchen & bath counters, freshens the air and provides a barrier against BUGS.

Aromatherpay:   Essential oils NOT to be taken internally, 100% natural and NOT to be appliced directly to skin or coats, they need to be diluted first, excellent in diffusers.  Calming blends, blends for headaches or serenity.        

Baby Stuff ~ Sweet smelling, all natural goodies designed to pamper infants         

Bath Salts:       Wonderful blends of several salts, florals, oils, herbals, excellent restoratives.  Designed to refresh, relax and restore, good for everyone, comes with wooden scoop.

Bath Teas:      Select herbal blends without the salts, botanical, essential oils & herbals.  Come with wooden scoop or refillable organza "tea" bag.

Bio Magnetics ~ Magnets have been scientifically proven to enable the body to regain its self healing electromagnetic balanceEverything from dog collars, pillows, jewelry, head bands, back braces and more!

Body  Syrups:     All natural, exciting aromas, rich, soothing textures that penetrate your skin.  Our lotions do NOT contain water as a primary ingredient and no artificial preservatives, a little goes a very long way, penetrating while not greasy feeling.

Body Washes:      WILD  aromas that excite, titilate, relax or calm, depending on your mood!  Excellent when your animal companion enjoys sharing your shower!

Body Butters:     Rich, exotic butters that lend richness and particular properties to enhance.  These luscious, elegant Body Butters are thick and gooey, super to rub all over paws, claws, hooves, hearts or hands!

Coat Spritz:    Most dogs love them, so do horses, we like on our hair, not over powering.  Light spritz with fragrant botanicals & oils that give your hair or your "coat"  a nice shine.    Doggy odors are no match for these powerful, playful spritzes!  Match your mood or the season, also good on hotspots!

Deodorants:    No aluminum or other harsh artificial junk.   Recent studies indicate that deodorants may contribute to breast cancer, do you really want to take a chance any longer?  Ours are ALL natural, highly effective against odor causing bacteria.   Human male animals appreciate them too.

Essential oils:   100% natural essential oils that enhance moods, herbals & other properties.

Essential oil blends: A few drops on him, on you,  or on Fido's bedding can make a great day!

Herbal Tinctures:    Herbal extracts with particular properties, check Dr Duke's website for particular herbal activity and all compounds naturally found in each herb.   Alcohol or glycerin extracted

Lip Balms:    No petroleum products, only rich butters, oils, herbs, super soothing  Check out our WILD  flavors, think of smearing Chocolate Mousse all over, not just for your lips or his lips, if you're feeling really UNTAMED!

Lotion Bars:   Handy for the gym, office, home exotic or simple fragrances that help refreshen.  These little roll ups are excellent to carry in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

Massage Oils:    Need say more?  Hand blended with finest botanicals, oils & Essential oils, also unscented for sensitive skin.

Misscelaneous : dishes, natural mouse & insect repellents, Loofahs, furniture polish & more!

Salves:    Dozens of practical salves with a rich history of usage for multiple purposes, soothing.

Scrubs:   Salt or  Pure White Cane sugar based with multiple oils & herbs, exfoliating and skin softening.    A tiny bit will make a difference on your skin with just one usage.

Shampoo, Hair Washes, Rinses:  for ALL animals, some lather, others are earth/clay based with ZERO lather, but leave your hair unbelievably, well NATURAL, no conditioner required as these do NOT strip your natural hair oil.

Soap:  For all animals, insect repelling, fragrant, super cleaning, no harsh detergents. Enticing aromas!

Traditional Chinese Medicine ~ 5,000 years of traditional healing available in standard all natural formulas, accpeted worldwide and endorsed by the WHO.   There are excellent TCM practitioners if you're ready to explore this form of traditional medicine
















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