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Mango Orange Extreme Body Bath ~ Michelle Lowry, Seattle Wa

" Mike uses the Mango Orange Extreme  Body  Bath and then the Body Syrup afterward.  I don't know if I like it better on him or me!"


Lavender Fields Deodorant ~ Leaha Kay, Howard Ohio 

"I started using the deodorant as soon as it arrived, my husband started sniffing.  He really liked the scent.  We are both delighted with the scent.  You did such an amazing job on the  scent, it's so spring fresh and clean.   Thanks again"


Jesse Jane's Osteo Care ~ Rebekah Lu, Portland Oregon

"The little old man, my 10 year old Pug,  continues to improve  with Jesse's osteo care.  He is jumping up and down from furniture now.  Before he would just sit on the bed and cry if I forgot to put him down in the morning.  The Osteo is great.  Its really working wonders on my grumpy old pug.  He isn't bouncing off the walls or anything but he is interacting with the other dogs more.    I started the 13-year-old cat on it this morning".  


" I want to take a second to THANK Toni for a couple products that we have recently used from her Northwest Naturals site...I know it's hard to weed out the quackery from the real natural health stuff, so I think it's important to throw some public feedback out there on this!

Big Bertha   ( 3 year old female Rottweiler)  gets smelly, especially after being at the dog park- phew!   We were using a coconut-based coat spray to fix this....She also is a VERY Timid dog, whose timidty often gets in the way of her learning or going out and about- Toni suggested trying the “Confidence Builder Coat Spray” they carry.

WOW does it work....not only have I seen a marked change in her confidence levels (she's not “another dog” but she DOES show a difference quite clearly when we use it!) , but her coat looks good and SMELLS good when we spray her with it.  She used to begrdgingly allow us to sprritz her with the coconut stuff, but for this, she turns right around-stands for a couple spritzes, then turns for her other side to get some!!   She LOVES the way it smells, and it CLEARLY relaxes her!   I like the smell a lot, because it's not overwhelmingly strong, and it's not 'stikly sweet'  the way our old spray had been.   I just wanna recommend this to anyone whose dog could use some help with being fearful, and who also wants a spray to make them smell that touch better when they have been out running amok but don't need a /bath/or anything.

Another thing we just tried, is their  “Ugly Salve” grandmother used to keep a salve that she slapped on anything from cow's with barbed wire cuts, to us kids when we got hurt outside, to the teens with acne...I swear, that stuff was on us for practically anything!...this “Ugly Salve” reminds me a lot of that, except it is in a nice olive oil base instead of a sticky petroleum one like the other brands and the stuff my grandmother used! smells good, and apparently to Big Bertha, it TATES good.

She has this weird patch on her- we're not sure what it is and so far the medicine the vet told us to try not only didn't work, but it stung her skin so badly she rolled on the carpet and WEHINED whenever I put it on her!! (and I know how it feels, it was the same medicine I used for one of my skin-infections once) ow ow ow ow!!)

The  first time I applied the Ugly Salve, she whined a bit, and rolled- but then...she got this funny look, and licked ALL the places she rolled some off onto....she LOLLED in those spots...and within a fee days, I bring out the jar, and she sits right down to have some applied!!   She likes it, and she doesn't flinch even the slightest while I massage it into the skin boo boo- which WAS all bloody and weepy, and now is only a little moist and crusty on the edges. We still dunno for sure what it is, but we can talk to the vet and show her the salve, and maybe we'll get an answer!   I CAN tell you that the ugly salve DID make it better! It soothed and moistened it, and kept the skin from thickening like it had been.   It's safe for me to use, of course, but I haven't had any boo boos to try it on......"

David Emery ~ Seattle, Wa  

no-goo-1.jpg                                          ugly-salved-1.jpg

Vet Product after 3 days, still ICKY POO!              UGLY Salve after 3 days      


" I dropped by the Vet's today and I happened to have Big Bertha with me and I showed them the results of the Ugly Salve. >:)

The Vet techs were in but not the main vet- but they were ALL amazed.   All of them wanted to know where to purchase your products, and all suggested that I might want to pitch some of them to the Vet, and see if they might be interested in carrying them.   Especially the coat spritz's (because the ones the pet shop carries are not GOOD for the coat the way yours are, and are not safe for ingestion either, again, yours are just safe, whereas the others... they really shouldn't ingest and of course, the Ugly Salve. 

When you need serious skin care for dry, itchy or chapped hands, feed, elbows or to help with minor scratches, excellent on small cuts, softens hands and skin. We've used this on puncture wounds and it's amazing!... This rich blend of Calendula, Comfrey and Goldenseal will promote healing, fortified with Vitamin E and Rosehips in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Beeswax base. It will feel a little gritty at first, but after a few minutes will blend into your skin and leave them soft. Works on hot spots, skin conditions, helps with scars.

   I just wanted you to know that, . I suspect if people saw them stacked on the shelves right there at the Vet's, that they'd just outright buy them ahead of time , where they often buy it anyway ahead of need  because it was vet-ok'd by being sold right there,.at least you know all the vet techs were mightily impressed."    David Emery- Seattle, Wa


"This testimonial is about Ferzy, our 30 year old Arabian stallion who was recently injured quite badly during the night, while running from Coyotes or some other predators.  He GOUGED himself on a T Post and it cut a huge puncture/gash into his the area at the back of his stomach and flank, that soft flesh part was ripped with hide and flesh hanging.   We discovered him the following morning, he was limping, bleeding and the area was swollen.  ;Because this was such a large area, IF we had a decent vet in the area we would have gladly arranged a barn call; as it is self medication was our only dependable option.

Here's our guy, he never needs more than some bailing twine or a dog leash around his neck. This is to show


That he doesn't object to the Ugly Salve being appliec, no pain or burning.

Day 1... after injury.  We sprayed our Anti Viral Spritz on and nothing else.....this is a blend of 6 essential oils that are literally loaded with hundreds of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal & antiseptic chemicals.   Ugly Salve works so FAST it's important to make sure there isn't any bacteria on the injury.  As you can see, the injury is huge and really was larger than the photo showed, since this is the junction of the tummy and the flank of the rear leg.   It was about 6 inches square and hunks of flesh & hide were hanging, and there was significant pus.   We applied the Anti Viral Spritz and then a very thin layer of Ugly Salve. The injured area is warm to the touch indicating his body is fighting potential infection and there is some swelling, including underneath his belly almost to his genitals.

                                                day 11.png

Day 2... this gives a better indication of how large the injury was, the hair around the wound has turned whiter than the rest of his coat because of the Anti Viral spritz has eliminated the bacteria... One day with Ugly Salve, and the yellow pus is gone and the edges of the wound are already starting to crust over.  Keep in mind we didn't even wash this wound, only spritzed before the Ugly Salve with the Anti Viral Spritz

                                          day 2.png

Day 3 ... It's easy to see how WHITE the area is that has been spritzed with the Anti Viral Spritz, it's spotless! Swelling is down and there's more crusty areas on the entire wound.   This is an Arabian stallion that we're workingon without even a halter.

                                          day 3.png

Day 4 ...The crusty area has already started giving way to healthy, clean, pink skin, contrasted nicely against the snow white coat.   You can still see the hunk of hide hanging down. ; Swelling and hot- to -the -touch  feeling are gone and no infections.

                                       day 4.png

Day 5... It appears as though the entire wound area is shrinking in size, more healthy, uninfected pink skin is showing, the entire healing process is VERY fast.  This photo shows more of the entire flank and how perfectly white and clean the wound area is.  The hunk of ripped flesh and hide has not lost it's blood supply and has fallen off naturally

                                       day five.png

Day 6... Everything surrounding the wound where we sprayed Anti Viral Spritz is snow white, this is all without any scrubbing or washing...Just a gentle spritz that doesn't alarm the horse. The entire wound is now fresh, clean, healthy pink skin. No infections, no swelling and all in less than one week!

We used about 3 oz of Ugly Salve  TOTAL and a couple of squirts of the Anti Viral Spritz daily.   And another good thing was that Ferzy didn't have to endure a marginal vet that would charge a fortune, nor did he have to endure being loaded up and hauled to some other  distant vet hospital. Ferzy quit limping after about 8 days and is carrying on about his business as usual.   We didn't continue the Ugly Salve as the wound was already healing nicely, it began growing hair back instead of scar tissue the following week.     We include this with our other essentials in  a little fanny pack and take it with us when we're in the car.          Toni Reita (Happy Tails Rescue)  too good an opportunity not to take photos!

                                                    day six.png
















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