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Are there any  DOG NUTS   or  ANIMAL NUTS   in your life?   Maybe YOU are an animal  NUT, it's OK to admit it, you're in good and safe company here.   We crossed over  THAT  line a long time ago.     

Why not indulge their passion and get them a specialized gift?

 A wise dog nut friend of ours commented that many of her more shallow, uninformed, superficial friends  (dogless, of course)  thought her insane for having more than one dog sharing her home, which of course helped  her transition over the edge and rationalize that once insanity is established, what difference does the degree make?   She now happily shares her home with SEVEN Rottweilers. 

You'll be able to recognize  Dog Nuts  by some of these traits:

They use  dog crates as furniture

You will find dog hair everywhere

Paw Prints are a part of their clothing

Dogs are equal contenders for sofas and beds 

They mostly have other dog nuts as close friends

They share their ice cream cones

Topics of conversation are centered on dogs, dogs and more dogs

Some of their "children" have four legs

Their furless children have four legged brothers and sisters too

They may have howling sessions with the pooches

They find Suburbans too small for their brood

It's normal to find their laps filled with dogs

That's not a fur coat, it's their dog shedding

Dog owners start looking and acting like their pooches

They  DO  read each other's minds, or is that a shared mind?

Dog owners spell out whole sentences in a futile effort to foil their hounds

Rotties think THEY are the best Homeland Security, and for good reason


You can use your imagination and stuff our bags or totes with goodies personally selected for your dog nut friends.


The small Tote is about 6" x 6", made of sturdy material $9.95

Lavender Organza Draw String is about 5" x 9 "   $3.95


Happy Tails Rescue's largest Tote is sturdy and large enough for just about everything, including your lunch!  It measures about 14" x 16"  and is $19.95

soap dishscrub.png

Other thoughtful ideas are wooden soap grates, Loofahs or Soap Scrub bag, perfect for those little bits and pieces of your favorites soaps that are too good to throw away.


Also for a minimum "Help Fill The Bucket Donation" of $9.95 you could give your rescue friends an 8" Ribbon Magnet.

There are many natural care businesses competiting for your consumer dollar.  Happy Tails Rescue Association is unique in three ways:

Profits support rescue and help save animals lives

We have zero tolerance for artificial ingredients

All products are formulated for ALL animals

We are first and foremost  a Non Profit Corporation dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of Rottweilers, secondly we created a product line to serve this purpose and help generate revenue.    Your support is greatly appreciated.


If you'd like to create your own personalized blend of Butters or Syrups,  you can select from any of our oils, butters and essential oils, we also offer customized labels for that special gift or purchase.   Just Email us your particulars and we'll be happy to help you!

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