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                   North West Naturals



Natures'   Farmacy


                                      For Mutts & Men,  Nags & Hags,  Fillies and Friends &  Ewes too!

   Human tested, cruelty free  &  Earth friendly!



If you were to consider going  any more "natural"   than this,  you could risk arrest!  

Quite frankly,  the experience  of  and commitment to  entirely  "natural  & wildcrafted"  products is not for everyone.    NorthWest Naturals     impressive  array of natural products is the perfect example of the old adage,  "You get what you pay for."

You have undoubtedly  "heard everything"  by now in the way of promises and claims of natural care, and we won't try to top any of them.....Nor, will we insult your intelligence. 

If you use    North West Naturals   products, you won't get rich quick, nor win the Lotto.   You won't amaze and dazzle your friends  and associates with sage remarks and clever comments.   Wit  & Wisdom are gifts no natural product can bestow ~

Your  inquisitive mind, education,  and intelligence set you apart from the general population.

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What then, can  Nature's  Farmacy  do for you?

The answer depends upon what type of person you happen to be.   If you aren't curious about the long term, potential harm of those unpronouncable chemicals in your and your animals products....if you are quickly bored when the topic of conversation shifts from the latest Big Pharma  drug recalls,  you or your animal developing cancer, your skin care challenges.....if you couldn't care less about what's happening in the natural health care world, or just how MUCH  brain damage DEA  (in your shampoo)  might cause,  or if commercial deodorants really  DO  contribute to breast cancer....then forget about  Nature's Farmacy.   It can't do a thing for you.

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If, on the other hand you are the kind of individual who is interested in 100% natural, herbal and botanical products and would like to keep up with the latest trends.....if you're genuinely interested in what's going on with natural therapies,  toxin free shampoos, salves, flea repellents, lip balms and intrigued about products formulated for ALL animals without ANY artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals, and if you LOVE animals.......

Then products from      Nature's Farmacy   may well be the smartest small investment you could make toward gaining control over your & your animal's health.

Our  NorthWest Naturals   products are unique in three ways:

1.     We have  ZERO  tolerance for artificial chemicals, toxins or harsh preservatives

2      Our products are formulated for ALL animals....  (humans are animals too!)

3      Profits from your purchases help support animal rescue.  (

The inspiration, design and birth of our   Nature's  Farmacy  grew from our respect for the natural world, it's diverse healing plants and to celebrate the " Earth & Animal Friendly"  philosophy associated with natural, traditional  care.  

Share with us and expand your awareness  and enjoyment of the rich tradions associated with herbs and their healing properties.   We  offer you only the finest quality Organic, natural  or WildCrafted, human grade, herbal ingredients designed for ALL living creatures at realistic prices.

The profits from your purchases help save animals lives and enable us to expand and continue with our rescue efforts.  We appreciate your support and welcome your input.   Our site is a work in progress, important research, health articles and recipes will continually be added.   Please check back often.

Participation from other shelters, rescues and retailers is welcome, we offer wholesale pricing & "private label" with minimum orders and  product quantities.


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NOTE:   What is  "Organic"  vs  "natural"    vs  "wildcrafted"

There was a time when the term Organic would instill confidence that we were buying a product produced with completely pure ingredients, without contamination or any toxic chemicals.  Sadly that definition, as it relates to “organic”, is being abused today.

“Organic” compounds are produced by “living things that contain carbon”  which means that petrochemicals and Mercury are also “organic”  but would you really want to eat or wear them?

You may have seen more and more organic body care and food products available recently. Many of these are exactly what we as consumers want, natural, pure, non toxic, safe and non contaminated by harsh chemicals. Others manufactures take advantage of the organic definition and may make claims such as “70% organic” or “contains 85% organic ingredients”  If you read the label you won't be deceived. This type of deceptive marking is legal and often refers to the  “water”  content of his product.   That brings another topic of how pure their water might be if it contains the normal chemical soup associated with most water and  are  their other ingreiendts somewhat lacking in naturalness?

For these reasons we have moved away from the term organic and are using natural or wildcrafted; while these terms are not as impressive sounding we hope their definitions will suffer less adulteration.    It is a given that wildcrafting is done ethically and many of our ingredients are certified organic.


                                      LICENSE AGREEMENT AND DISCLAIMER  



By using this site you have read, understood and assent to this disclaimer.   If you do not agree to this disclaimer in it's entirety, please exit the site immediately and do not use any products mentioned herein..

Information is presented for educational purposes only and represents a diverse spectrum and free exchange of ideas pertaining to health and wellness.   It is not intended to diagnose any physical or mental condition, nor to prescribe any substance, nor is it intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment by your health professional or other competent counsel.

In the event that you choose to use this site's information or products for your own health, or for your animals', you are exercising your rights of informed consent and are ultimately responsible for the care and treatment for yourself and your animals.   The author and compiler of this site assumes no responsibility and will be held blameless for choices that you personally make.

Recipes using natural products are often mentioned and like any food source, some animals or people may have allergic reactions, sensitivities  or contraindication of their use with pharmaceutical products.  If you have any questions or concerns contact your professional of choice.


Our products are in no way intended to replace proper medical care when needed.   We do not prescribe, and can not, make any claims regarding the effectiveness or use of these products or any herbs.   We are able to offer educational information and opinions, share recipes and offer products designed to create healthful balances without harsh chemicals or toxins.

We do guarantee that all products are completely natural, unadulterated, concentrated herbal and botanical products crafted with earth and animal friendly ingridients of only the highest quality.  Since all life forms are individuals, animals and people vary greatly in their degree of health, levels of toxicity, environmental factors, existing health challenges and absorption rates, we cannot guarantee or prove any effect.   Ingridients and prices may change without notice.

We encourage, independant research combined with CRITICAL THINKING, considering only that which is best for  you or your animal companion.    Product photos may be packaged differently then your order, prices and ingridients may change without notice.

For a  quicker response,  please Email us:



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